About Greg Gordon, Owner

Dinner Menu
Dinner Menu

Greg Gordon’s passion for cooking and hospitality was notable from a very young age. At 10 years old, Greg’s mom asked him what he wanted to do for his birthday. His wish? He wanted to stage a restaurant at his house for close friends and family. He appointed his sister as hostess and young Greg would create the food menu. Then, as a teen, Greg frequently exercised his imagination in the kitchen, mixing condiments in fun ways and making elevated seared bologna sandwiches for his friends.

It came as no surprise for Greg to begin waiting tables and dabbling in kitchen positions in his college years and beyond, at Houston institutions such as Vincent’s Restaurant, Ninos, Vallone’s and Mandola’s. His big break came at the critically acclaimed Daily Review Café, where restaurateurs Claire Smith and Carl Eaves granted him creative liberty in the kitchen. He worked his way up the ranks in the kitchen where, together with Jeb Stuart, he created new menus daily.

Greg dreamt of one day owning a restaurant, until at 32-years-old, he put his money where his mouth was and, on a whim, pursued the opening of his own place. He opened a modest restaurant, La Vista, where he did everything from cooking to answering the phones to waiting tables. As time passed by, La Vista grew into a beloved Houston staple where patrons enjoyed Italian-inspired food, a BYOB tradition and an always-bustling atmosphere. Gordon made a name for himself through his complex, balanced dishes ranging from classics like beef tenderloin in port wine sauce and mussels in tomato garlic sauce to bright, flavorful seafood dishes, pizzas and pastas.

After nearly 20 vibrant years at La Vista, Gordon opted to end the Briargrove restaurant’s chapter and evolve it into La Vista 101 in the Lazybrook/Timbergrove neighborhood. The restaurateur promises a younger, more worldly approach to food with a full menu of drink offerings to complement it.